Ticket Breakdown

Polo General Admission: $25
Tailgating Spot: $100 (includes one General Admission Ticket)
Hospitality Tent: $125

Sunday, Oct 22nd Tickets
Expo General Admission: $15

*** Children under ten years of age receive complimentary admission to both days.

Polo on Saturday

Saturday, October 21 – Polo on Camden’s Historic Polo Field:

The first day of the Camden Horse & Hound Expo will be dedicated to the thrilling sport of polo. The historic polo field in Camden, known for its rich equestrian heritage, will serve as the backdrop for an exhilarating day of competitive polo matches. Attendees can witness professional polo players showcasing their skills in a full six chukker match. Whether you’re a seasoned polo enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, Saturday’s events promise an unforgettable experience for all.

Expo on Sunday

Sunday, October 22 – Horse and Hound Expo at the Dale Thiel Show Ring:

On Sunday, the festivities will shift to the prestigious Dale Thiel Show Ring, where the Horse and Hound Expo will be in full swing. This day-long celebration will feature a diverse range of activities and exhibitions, catering to horse enthusiasts and dog lovers alike. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore a vibrant marketplace, where vendors will showcase the latest equestrian products, accessories, and gear. From high-quality riding apparel to expertly crafted tack, attendees can indulge their passion for all things equestrian.

Additionally, the Horse and Hound Expo will host demonstrations by experts, offering valuable insights into horsemanship, dog training, and animal welfare. Visitors can interact with these experts, ask questions, and gain valuable knowledge to enhance their own equestrian and canine experiences.