• Laura Abner: Dressage Passion Since 1997

    Laura Abner Dressage enthusiasts and horse lovers alike are in for a treat at the upcoming Camden Horse and Hound Expo 2023, as the talented Laura Abner will be taking part in this year's expo. With a passion for dressage that ignited at the young age of 8, Laura's journey through the world of dressage [...] More
  • Exploring Nature’s Canvas: Lisa Boykin Adams, Featured Artist at Camden Horse & Hound Expo

    Lisa Boykin Adams - Colours - 24x30" acrylic on canvas In the heart of Camden, South Carolina, where the lush landscapes of the agrarian South meet the traditions of hunting, fishing, and southern architecture, resides a gifted artist whose work bridges the gap between conventional and nontraditional styles. Lisa Adams, an artist, and preservationist, has [...] More
  • Rising Rodeo Star: Allyson “Ally” Farr’s Journey from Tiny Titan to Jr. High All Around Cowgirl

    The Camden Horse and Hound Expo is set to be graced by an exceptional young talent this year – Allyson Farr, known affectionately as Ally. Hailing from Pauline, South Carolina, this 13-year-old prodigy has been making waves in the rodeo scene since the tender age of 4. With a passion for the sport that burns …

  • Triangle Equestrian Vaulting Takes Center Stage 2023

    Get ready to be mesmerized and inspired as the much-awaited annual Camden Horse and Hound Expo presents an exhilarating showcase of talent, precision, and equestrian artistry. This year, we are thrilled to announce the spotlight on Triangle Equestrian Vaulting (TEV), a remarkable team that has captured the hearts of audiences and earned accolades on both [...] More
  • Passion for Paws: Patricia Weathers & Paws Pack at the Camden Horse and Hound Expo 2023.

    Get ready, dog lovers and enthusiasts, because this year's Camden Horse and Hound Expo is about to be taken by storm by the incredible Patricia Weathers and her remarkable journey in the world of canine companionship and sports. Patricia, an ardent dog lover, embarked on a transformative journey in 2012 when she welcomed two rescue [...] More
  • Carolina Therapeutic Riding – Ansel and Tiki by Salley McInerney

    The Camden Horse & Hound Expo brings together horse lovers from all over the region. In addition to offering a wide range of equestrian and hound demonstrations, the expo raises funds for a vital charity: Carolina Therapeutic Riding. This fantastic organization provides therapeutic riding services to people of all ages who are living with physical, [...] More
  • Western Riding by Prather Quarter Horses

    We are thrilled to announce that Prather Quarter Horses will display their exceptional western riding skills at the upcoming expo. This talented group of riders has been dominating the competition circuit for years, and there is no question that they will put on a spectacular show at this year's event. So if you haven't already [...] More
  • Paloma de Besilu, the five times Grand National Bella Forma Mare and World Cup winner, in action at the Camden Horse & Hound Expo

    Get to see Paloma de Besilu, the four times Grand National Bella Forma Mare and World Cup winner, in action at the Camden Horse & Hound Expo. An excellent opportunity to learn more about Paso Fino horses and see a world-class athlete in action, this event is not to be missed! More
  • Learn about Jill Allard of Oakwood Dressage!

    Jill Allard of Oakwood Dressage is one of our Camden Horse and Hound Expo exhibitors. Columbia Metropolitan Magazine recently did an article on Dressage, featuring Jill Allard, and we wanted to share it with our patrons. We are excited to have Jill Allard of Oakwood Dressage as one of our Camden Horse and Hound Expo [...] More
  • Richland County Sheriff K-9 unit — Partners

    The Richland County Sheriff's K-9 unit is made up of highly trained police dogs and their handlers. The unit is used for various tasks, including tracking fugitives, searching for missing persons, and detecting narcotics. In the video, viewers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the relationship between the human officers of the Richland County Sheriff's [...] More